About us

coryandsteve.com is Cory Boon and Steve Kepekci ... that's everybody!

We specialize in ...

Course and exam development, technical writing, train-the-trainer, and classroom presentation.

In 1996, BICSI awarded us the David Blythe-University of Kentucky Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes the volunteer spirit of BICSI members and their efforts to promote BICSI's educational programs and professional development within the telecommunications industry.

... And we wrote the book on networking ... 7 times ... BICSI's Network Design Reference Manual (NDRM).

We have also had long associations with many vendors in the cabling industry.

If you see us at a BICSI conference, don't be shy ... we appreciate the face-to-face feedback.

Why this site?

The idea for coryandsteve.com came from a one-time RCDD exam prep course we put together for the classroom. We decided to adapt the program for the web ... and it grew from there.

If we can save you a few dollars in travel and course fees — with the flexibility of studying what you want, when you want — maybe you'll be more inclined to obtain and retain some useful credentials.

Our new LMS site ...

So what have we changed? Other than a new look, we have implemented what we hope is a more flexible and user-friendly environment with more subscription options ... with subscriptions lasting from 3 days to 60 days.

All content is Storyline, Flash-based, which makes it compatible with nearly all browser software.

What has not changed ...


No advertising!

No sharing of e-mail addresses with anyone!


We thank you for your support and patience while we continue to add content to our new site.

-- Cory and Steve --